Author History and Beyond

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Author History and Beyond

Post by AuthorPhilippines on Mon May 25, 2015 9:36 am

You may have heard about the brand or you may have not at all. Thus we, Author Philippines, know exactly that we have to do something to raise awareness and disperse the amazing things about the brand. So, let us get started with its history and whereabouts.

Author is a European brand of bicycles and accessories from Czech Republic which existed since 1992. It is under Universe Agency Company which is a known importer of bicycle parts and accessories. The brand gained its popularity in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and in East Europe and became the bestselling brand in those two mentioned countries.
In 1995, Author started to conduct racing programs and has started to participate in Mountain bike races and Cyclocross tours in 2001. While in 1998, it began accomplishing its accessories line which is a dream come true for everyone in the company.

Author did not only participate in events but also created its own Author Praha Triathlon Team in 2003 and has conceptualized its own Marathon Tours as well. Up until this date, Author Marathon Tour is still alive and advancing in order to give the best bike tours they could give. While in 2005, they made to appear in Czech Republic’s national races under PSK Whirpool Triathlon Team and gained constant recognition through its sponsored triathletes and new teams.

Author is now present in more than 25 countries around the world and is housing its Author Asia Office in Taichung City, Taiwan since 2009. Local teams have emerged from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and hopefully in the Philippines.

For the past years, Author has been so optimistic to develop and design certain models of complete bikes and accessories that best fit their customers' needs without comprising its European quality and value for money concept. What is important for Author is not to be seen in podiums or be seen frequently in glitzy magazines but in the  streets where people come across to travel, make a living, living their dreams, chasing their passion and where day-to-day transaction happens.

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