A Glimpse of Czech Republic

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A Glimpse of Czech Republic

Post by AuthorPhilippines on Mon May 25, 2015 12:24 pm

Europe is like a huge canvass of painting with different colors and lines stroked on it. Each line and color resembles spots which speak of different stories. These spots are like European countries of which traditions, beliefs, structures, the government, the people and history vary from one to another.

If you have a map and check on it, Czech Republic is at Europe's center; it can be found at its heart. It is surrounded by medieval countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia which have influenced Czech Republic in some ways. Just like other countries which have experienced socio-political problems and government anxieties, Czech also has its share of struggles. But, still, it is a country rich of vast culture history and scenic structures which speak for its people and its struggles.

Czech Republic was then known to be Czechoslovakia during the Austro-Hungarian Empire which lead Czech people for decades until in January 1993, parties agreed for a Non-violent Velvet Divorce to split Czech Republic and Slovakia into two different countries. The country is inhabited by two major group of people - Bohemia in the larger western part and Moravia in the eastern part. Its capital city is Prague or Praha and to tell you, they've got the best beer in the world. Additionally, Czech has one of the most environment-friendly policies because Czech people just amazingly care for their nature a lot.

To date, Czech Republic has grown so much into an independent country and along with it is its bicycle industry. The triathlon races and multisport activities have emerged and boomed into a spectacular array of events that have been made part of every person’s daily life. In fact, biking has its share of traffic rules and that there are always certain street portion to be considered as bike lanes. Bike tours in the country are impressively popular. Thus the best way to explore the whole country is through riding a bike. And the superlatively best way to get to know Czech Republic and enjoy it as well is through an epic Author ride.

Author bicycle has Czech Republic’s heart and Europe’s passion when it comes to biking, daily life and triathlon. Fun rules in Author which invigorates bike emotions.

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